Blogs have gained in popularity and have become part of the standard for a professional website.

Blogs offer numerous advantages for not only your site, but for your pharmacy in general, from

promotion through customer retention, and much, much more. But having a blog isn’t the end of

it. It is not enough to simply create a blog page; your blog needs to be utilised. This means posting

regularly, and writing about topics that are relevant to the majority of your customers. The more you

do this, the better off you will be. Don’t allow your blog to gather dust; keep posting new content.

Though the benefits of your blog are numerous and perhaps even limitless, this post will outline

three specific reasons why your pharmacy’s website should implement a blog.

1. Increase your website’s exposure: Two websites, all else equal, the site with the blog

always performs better in the Google search results. Why is this? The Google algorithm,

responsible for creating the rankings, indexes blog posts faster than your standard pages.

Implementing a blog within your website is a sure-fire way to increase traffic. Writing posts

with SEO-friendly content will add to it’s benefit, increasing the amount of keywords within

the context of the site. SEO, or Search Engine Optimised content, consists of the words or

phrases that you decide to target amongst your site’s URLs. It’s a good idea to request the

help of professionals to establish what these words or phrases should be (which ones would

be most advantageous) as they research the relevant channels. Although the number of

pages you have within your site may be limited for navigation purposes, your blog posts are

limitless—the more the merrier! This means you can never stop expanding your keyword

collection and adding more keywords based on popular search terms (which will be ever


2. Advance your pharmacy’s reputation: Your pharmacy is a respected institution within the

community. It’s essential that customers feel they can depend on your for accurate advice.

This bond is specifically important within the pharmacy field, as most of the queries you

receive will concern matters of health—and a person’s health is not something they’re

prepared to compromise, to any extent. Therefore, if you build your pharmacy’s reputation

as a trusted source of information, you will attract more customers. Not only that, but

those customers will feel confident with their choice to confide in you. A blog gives you the

perfect opportunity to market your expertise. It is the ideal platform for relaying information

regarding the health and wellness sector. You can post about whatever you like—from

pharmacy news, to your pharmacist’s recommendations for staying healthy during cold and

flu season.

3. Create your own PR outlet: Your blog gives you an outlet to not only communicate

matters of the pharmacy world in general, but also in relation to your specific pharmacy.

For instance, a blog is great for advertising the promotions you’re having in-store or the

new services you’re implementing. You can use your blog to showcase your community

involvement, provide info on tradeshows you may be going to, or to simply let people know

you’re now carrying a certain line of products. Public relations can also mean engaging

with your customers. Readers can comment on your blogs and the things you post may

spark conversations amongst site visitors or prompt them to call your pharmacy for more

knowledge on the matters. Take full advantage of your blog and reap the benefits by

marketing your business as it deserves to be marketed.