“Mobilegeddon” is a term coined to describe Google’s most recent announcement to change the way they rank and display search results when they come from a mobile device. Until now, all sites were treated equally and judged on their level of search engine optimisation but this new algorithm will favour websites that have been designed to be optimised on mobile. In plain English, if your website is not mobile optimised, after April 21st there is a risk that your website will appear lower in search results on mobile devices than websites that have been optimised for those devices. The search results on mobile’s will be weighted  heavily towards mobile websites. Searches from desktop devices will remain unchanged.


So what is a mobile optimised website?

Mobile optimisation is the process of building a website that displays itself differently depending on what device the viewer is using to access the website. If we take our clients Walsh’s Pharmacy as an example, when a user views the website on a desktop device, the site is displayed like this:




When accessing the same website from a smartphone – in this instance an HTC One – the site appears like this:


As you can see, the site is clearer and easier to navigate when designed in a mobile optimised way.


What does this mean if your site is not mobile optimised?

Little is known at this early stage about the exact impact of these changes but it is safe to assume traffic to non mobile optimised websites will decrease significantly from mobile search. That being said, your website will continue to be viewable on all devices, the difference will be felt if a competitor’s site is mobile optimised and yours is not, their site will be shown above yours in the search results.

However search results progress, it’s clear that the companies who cater to mobile users best will earn the most visibility from Google. Comscore report users on mobile platforms accounts for 60% of all internet traffic.

From our own clients data we can see that mobile traffic has increased 9% over the last year meaning 39% of all traffic on Pharmaweb’s sites now originates from a mobile device. For many of our clients, particularly those who blog and use Facebook regularly, mobile traffic counts for as much as 48% of their overall traffic.

Building a mobile optimsed website is a straight forward process and while it is easier to build the website this way initially, we can convert a non optimised website to a mobile friendly site for you. Any changes you make to your desktop website will be automatically changed on the mobile version also so their is no additional maintenance of these websites.

If you want to discuss any of these details further please don’t hesitate to contact us on 025 32098 or email me at rebecca@pharmaweb.ie.