It’s almost December and that means Christmas is right around the corner (not that we’re counting!). The lights are up, mince pies are being enjoyed, and people are beginning to start their Christmas shopping. It’s safe to say that this is one of the most indulgent seasons, and therefore it’s a great time for your pharmacy to market itself. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is via Facebook. Below are five things you can do to make the most of your Facebook account this festive season.


1.      Post products:

Posting pictures of products (especially seasonal offers) with some brief information (and your competitive prices!) is great advertising. Customers might be looking for something specific, and will be drawn to your pharmacy if made aware that you stock it. This practice is useful year round, but is particularly crucial for the eager Christmas consumers!


2.      Run a Competition:

You want to attract as many customers as possible this season as chances are everyone is looking for a gift for someone. Running a competition creates great exposure for your business, and the holidays create the perfect excuse for something extra special. Putting together a Christmas hamper with a variety of goodies you stock is guaranteed to grab the attention of the Facebook family. If you use a sweepstakes app, it is also very easy to promote the competition and implement requirements (things like entrants must “like” and “share”) for those who wish to be in the running.


3.      Promote, promote, promote!

Facebook offers some great options for advertising and promoting. You can promote any post by simply clicking “promote post” during creation and following the steps. The amount of money you invest is up to you. Promoting pushes your post to the top positions in your followers’ news feeds so they don’t miss out! Furthermore, if you want to gain new followers and be heard by a much wider audience, Facebook ads will ensure your pharmacy appears within the Facebook pages of those in your target demographic. To advertise, go to the gear widget at the top right hand side of your account and click “Advertise on Facebook.” Capitalise on this special season!


4.      Take advantage of Facebook’s scheduling tool:

December is a busy month for consumers and business owners alike! There are many things that must get done, and only a limited amount of time to do them. However, you don’t have to leave your pharmacy’s Facebook page neglected and all your followers wondering where you’ve gone—with the advanced scheduling tool you can arrange for posts in advance! Sitting at home on a Sunday with some free time? Create a post for future release so you don’t forget it. More information on this handy, holiday-season friendly tool can be found here:


5.      Keep the public informed:

The next few weeks may not be business as usual. Many businesses choose to operate on different schedules, offer special offers, etc. Make sure to use your Facebook page as a tool for engaging with your potential customers and keeping them updated on the things taking place within your pharmacy. Be sure to post your holiday business hours, events that may be taking place in the store, even tips to combat the colder weather. The possibilities are endless and the public is hungry for information. Communication is key and Facebook is an excellent outlet for that.