Pinterest is a relatively new social media platform that has become very popular amidst certain communities. Pinterest is known most for the plethora of arts and crafts ideas it offers. You may have realised people seem to have become much more creative and DIY in recent years, and this could be thanks to the inspiration of Pinterest. Pinterest seems to cater to the artistic and creative amongst us, although it is certainly not restricted to just that. In fact, Pinterest is being used more and more as an easy way to organise and keep track of ideas, photos, or other things you like. You can make Pinterest work for essentially anything, and therefore it can also work for your pharmacy.

Creating a Pinterest account is simple. Navigate to and choose to either sign up with Facebook or email, follow the instructions, and you’re a happy account holder. Once you are active on the site, you can organize certain things that interest you according to your different boards. Pinterest is symbolic of “pinning” things to a bulletin board or the like, so it creates a simple way for you to keep your ideas formatted. Think of your boards as groups, and label them according to how you’d like information to be organized.

For example, many personal accounts have boards labeled “Hobbies” or “Fashion” or “Recipes,” and on each board they “pin” images or info they find on the internet, or “re-pin” things they find within Pinterest, from other users. Now, the things you like or helpful information are all in one convenient location that you can access whenever you wish.

When you’re using Pinterest for your pharmacy, it would be best to organise your boards into subjects that are relevant to your business. For example, you could have a board labeled “Lines we Stock” that has pictures of the different items or brands customers can find in store. By incorporating your Pinterest account into your overall media strategy, customers can have yet another easy reference when searching for fast information. You could have a board labeled “Wintertime Care” that has photos or tips on products you can use to ensure you stay healthy and comfortable this season, advice for combating the flu, even pictures of DIY wintertime crafts if you wish! This theme can be carried over to each season, so you can have a separate board for all four. Why not have a board entitled “Christmas Specials” that contains photos of products you’re currently promoting or offering at a lower price than usual? Make your digital marketing plan unified by transferring your Facebook images over to a Pinterest board, which will offer potential customers another way to enjoy them.

It’s up to you but the possibilities are vast!

It is a good idea to get involved with as many social media outlets as possible, because any opportunity to gain exposure for your business should be taken advantage of. Therefore, it is a good idea to try Pinterest and see if it is beneficial to you. Don’t be afraid of making your Pinterest more personalised, as it’s a great way you can connect and build report with your customers.   Explore the site and discover what works for you- Good luck!


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