We were delighted that our clients, Brookes Pharmacy in Bandon won the award for Innovation and Service Development at the recent Irish Pharmacy News awards. The Innovation Award is defined as the successful introduction of an idea, method or device that makes a genuine difference or positive change for the pharmacy or patients or both. Norman Brookes commended his Text & Collect service as one of his stand out innovative initiatives, of which we’re very proud.

This is the second year in a row the Text & Collect service has been cited as a key service by the winning pharmacy in this category. Brennan’s Pharmacy in Donegal collected this title in 2014.The PharmaWeb Text & Collect service is now a crucial part of day to day dispensing for this pharmacy.  Benefits reported are an increase in pharmacy efficiency, reducing pressure on the pharmacist allowing him or her to be more accessible to customers within the store. This leads to an increase in customer retention and increased prescriptions being kept on file, reducing medication error risk,  as well as the knock on benefits for the pharmacy customers themselves.

Brookes Pharmacy are always looking for the new innovative idea and are a great pharmacy to work with so we were delighted they won this award, very much deserved.


If you want to discuss how the Text & Collect service can benefit your pharmacy contact us on 02532098 or email rebecca@pharmaweb.ie.