Whether purchasing or researching or simply looking for opening hours, your customers are online. It is now essential for your Pharmacy to have an online presence. Websites combined with mobile and social channels has changed the business landscape for your pharmacy. Now is the time to get online.


We’ve compiled a list of ten reasons why you should make online a priority in your pharmacy:


  1. Showcase your Pharmacy: Online gives you the perfect platform to market your pharmacy and compete with stores in your area. An expertly designed website linked to your social media, markets your shop, your staff and your products and services across multiple channels, in the most professional way.
  2. Get Found: Make sure your contact number, address and opening hours are clear on your website home page and are listed on all social media channels. Sign up with Google Places to ensure local web traffic looking for pharmacy services will find you ahead of the competition. This is beneficial for those customers searching on mobile devices and ensures accurate local results are delivered.
  1. Increase Revenue: Use online to drive customers towards the unique services you provide instore. Upload photos, manage services that require appointments through a booking engine, sell gift vouchers or other products, the possibilities are endless. Convenience is key. By offering easy to use convenient services to customers will keep you ahead of the game and increase revenue for your business.
  1. Build your Blog: One of the best ways for you to establish trust with your customers and within the pharmacy industry in general, is to start a blog. The blog can include links to useful articles, your own posts giving advice or reporting on what’s happening within your pharmacy. Share your advice, promote your store, and establish your pharmacy’s reputation by blogging regularly.
  1. Advertise your products: Your customers search for specific products and brands online. Including the lines or brands you stock on your website will encourage customers into your store. Post pictures of new products through your social media, linking them to a blog post for more information. Cross pollinate your traffic across all your sites to increase sales instore.
  1. Promote Special Offers: Your special offers are intended to help gain business and increase your exposure, so advertising them on your website will create “buzz” and capture the attention of potential new customers.
  1. Engage with customers: Use all your channels to engage and communicate with your customers, ask questions, give advice, run competitions. The personal touch is a sure fire way to convert your online traffic into offline purchasers.
  1. Get involved with the local community: Your pharmacy is an important part of the community and you should use your online channels to show this. Advertise town events via your blog or Facebook page, help other businesses, and urge customers to shop locally by providing a strong online front.
  1. Measure & Learn: Your online activity gives you the ability to measure your activity across all channels. Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and similar tools paint a clear picture of what your customers are doing online. No other advertising medium allows this level of measurement so spending time learning to analyse this data is essential to your business.
  1. Create a Point of Difference: Make your web presence interesting and stay ahead of the curve. The online world has leveled the competitive playing field. Being innovative online will ensure you stand your ground against those with big budgets.

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